03-04 November 2018-in Vladivostok was held an international cat show on the system-WCF. Kireineko's Novell, Cinnamon, Yasmina Di Dworek * PL, Cream, and our new female in kitten class Esenia Angels Shelter, Lilac Tortie Harlequin 



Kireineko`s Novell (BSH o)

03.11.18-Judge Ingor Alina-EX1.СAC
03.11.18-Judge Gruzd Olga-EX1- Nom BIS , СAC — Best Of Breed opposite Sex Adult
04.11.18 Judge Sinitsa Olga-EX1-, СAC
Closed the title of Champion in the WCF system


Yasmina Di Dworek * PL (BSH e)
03.11.18-judge Olga Gruzd: EX1- nom.Bis , CAC, WCF Ring 9/24
03.11.18-judge Ingor Alina: EX1, CAC, 
04.11.18-judge Sinitsa Olga: EX1- nom.Bis, CAC, 
Fun Show shorthair — 4 Place!
Closed the title of Champion in the WCF system


Esenia Angels Shelter (BSH j 02 62)
03.11.18-judge Olga Gruzd: EX1, CACP, WCF Ring 8/22. BEST kitten opposite Sex.
03.11.18-judge Ingor Alina: EX1, CACP, Nom.BIS
04.11.18-judge Sinitsa Olga: EX1- nom.Bis, CACP
Closed the title of junior champion in the WCF system

Our congratulations to the participants! Great results. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition - Club "Elgrand" for the opportunity to take part in the exhibition and have such a great weekend)))