Shenyang Exhibition

07 and 08 May 2016

A graduate of our kennel KireiNeko`s Bidzhin (BRI b) , she performed excellently at the exhibition held in Shenyang, according to the WCF system. I am very happy and proud for my little star !!!!

Olga Gruzd, Russia (AB, WCF)
Andreas Möbius, Germany (AB, WCF) .

Our results : CACP, EX1 

WCF ring kitten (3-6 months) — 3 place !!!
Bis nom !!!!
Best of Best kittens — 1 Place !!!!
There were 40 exhibitors among kittens.
KireiNeko`s Bidzhin finished the title of champion among kittens !!!!
Keep it up !!!! Good luck to her in further exhibitions.